slitSLIT is NOT a medication, has no chemicals, is non-GMO.  Naturally this is an abbreviation for the sublingual immunotherapy. And it is completely natural – only glycerin and allergen serum is mixed.

This treatment is similar to the allergy shots. All our patients believe it is much better due to convenience and safety. Since we started offering SLIT in 2010 over the years our patients almost all switched from shots to SLIT.

SLIT treatment is about 80 years old. Since it was started in Europe there are no records of any severe systemic reactions (anaphylaxis). Meanwhile it is a possibility with allergy shots. That is why this treatment can be safely done at home, while traveling, on vacations and anywhere.

Can SLIT treat any allergy?

Our office successfully treats allergy to pets, dust mites, grasses, trees and weeds with SLIT . Recently we started mold treatment – huge success! This is an amazing treatment for pet owners who have allergy. If you alrea allergy shots most likely will not be a good choice (the possibility of reaction to shots is high when you still have a pet at home).

There are high-dose SLIT and low-dose SLIT protocols available – ask Dr Kushnir which therapy is best for you.

Is SLIT allergy treatment right for me?

Just like any immunotherapy – SLIT is not for everyone. You should schedule your skin test to see what exactly you are allergic to. If you are positive for way too many allergens, you will most likely have allergy shots. Why? Because SLIT works the best for 3-4 allergens per vial. As such you can have maximum of 3 vials with 4 allergens each. Well, some people test positive to 50-60 allergens!

At any rate, Doctor will know best. We recommend to schedule your consultation and skin test – then you will talk to Dr Kushnir. She will help you decide and answer all the questions you have.

Here is who will benefit most:

  1. All people who have allergy documented by skin testing and symptoms to PETS OR INDOOR natural allergy treatmentALLERGENS (CAT, DOG, COCKROACH, MICE, DUST MITES, MOLDS)
  2. Patients who have allergy documented by skin testing and symptoms to POLLENS (MOLDS, TREES, GRASSES, WEEDS)
  3. Children from 2 years of age with documented allergy
  4. Pregnant women with significant allergy
  5. All asthma patients if asthma is allergic (triggered by allergens)
  6. Patients who are on medications otherwise not compatible with allergy shots (beta-blockers)
  7. It is the best treatment for people who want to receive immunotherapy, but cannot fit allergy shots in their busy schedules.

What is Sublingual Immunotherapy?

biological treatmentIf you have allergy to any airborne protein (cat, dog, dust mites, molds, pollens or rodents) you can receive biological (no medications or chemicals) treatment to return your immune system into normal function (no allergy) – Immunotherapy.

Sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT, is a form of immunotherapy. It involves putting drops of allergen extracts under the tongue. Many people refer to this process as “allergy drops”. It is a safe alternative treatment for allergy shots.

Dr. Kushnir is one of the pioneers of SLIT therapy in the United States. She is knowledgeable of different protocols of SLIT treatment, including mold SLIT and homeopathic SLIT.

Our Institute has been successfully treating hundreds of patients over the last 15 years. So will be happy to provide you with individually designed best allergy treatment.


Patients from all United States and many countries in Europe order SLIT from our clinic. Dr Kushnir prepares prescriptions and mixes extracts based on the skin test results.  When your treatment is ready we ship it (overnight FedEx) to your address.

What are the ingredients of SLIT?

allergy dropsSLIT serum (commercial allergen extracts calculated and mixed by the doctor to a specific concentration individual for you) is diluted in glycerin.

Glycerin is chemically neutral for the body, but makes treatment drops stable and protected from bacteria up to 6 months without refrigeration.

As such, people who travel must consider SLIT. This treatment does not need special refrigeration and can be carried in a purse or travel bag.

Note, we do not recommend to check it in on flights, as the only limitation is very high (more than 115F) and very low (freezing) temperature. You will loose all treatment if it is frozen or overheated.

Allergy treatment that works

SLIT is very effective for the treatment of all airborne allergies. We treat kids from 2 years old (shots are not recommended until 6-7 years old). You need to have uninterrupted treatment  for prescribed period of time in order to be effective long-term.

Here is huge advantage of SLIT: you need to use it only during the allergy season for grasses, trees and weeds. Meanwhile you need shots all year round. For indoor allergens such as cat, dog, cockroach, and dust mite treatment with SLIT is continuous all year round.

SLIT allergy treatments gives whole body benefits

Remember – SLIT does not decrease immune defense from viruses or bacteria. On contrary, when natural allergy reliefallergy is treated, it allows immune system to do its normal job. So your immunity can protect you from infections,  dementia, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases and premature aging.

SLIT can help with hyperactivity in children. Our parents are so happy to see their kids do better in school!  Did you know that research demonstrated direct link between allergy and ADHD? Parents report improvement of sleep, concentration, and decrease of tantrums and in general, claiming effects within first 3 months of treatment!

Adults notice significant improvement of daily functioning (memory, concentration), better sleep, reduction of snoring and improvement of exercise tolerance.  Indeed Allergy is one of the major reasons for sick days and decreased work productivity. Many large companies (such as Google, Facebook) support financially SLIT for people who have significant allergies.



Disclaimer: Information is intended strictly for educational purposes and is not to be used for self-treatment or diagnostics. All descriptions are derived from common knowledge sources such as Wikipedia, Herbology textbooks and other open medical sources of herbal medicine.