Our clinic is one of the top Immunology clinics offering integrative solutions with individual approach. We are a boutique clinic with an “old-fashioned” believe that medicine is not about writing a prescription. That is why we practice mind and body healing.

Here is how it works at our Institute.

First you find our your diagnosis

Dr Kushnir is a Clinic Director and an amazing diagnostician. She will share her deep knowledge of health and disease with you, educate you about all possible choices and explain why you have certain symptoms. She can make simple things that no one seems to tell you, so all the worries disappear, and the plan for recovery becomes a clear path. It is due to her highly scientific education and experience she can easily switch from simple to understand story of your disease into deep scientific pathways of cell functioning.

Second you discuss your treatment plan

After she find out what affects your health, Doctor creates an individual treatment plan that includes the best modalities from conventional American, European and Natural medicine. Let her know what treatment you would prefer and discuss your preferences. She will explain why she thinks certain procedure or regimen is best for your, and which results to expect. She will also listen to all lifestyle limitations or time restrains you may have to make sure that treatment course goes smoothly, and causes the least stress on you and your family.

Third you meet the team

Our best specialists are here to help. So dependent on procedures and treatments you will need appointments scheduled at your best convenience. As some treatments take time, our staff will help you to arrange and prepare. Because you have the will to get better, we will guide you on a way to recovery and healthy life.

Fourth you experience the art of healing

Our team will work together to give you care and healing. When you become our patient you become our team. As you will see we know everyone by the first name and know how to make you feel good. You will not be left alone – our staff is here to answer all your questions. We will help you find the right supplements, discover best food and even give you new recipes for healthy cooking. We understand how hard it is to be sick. So we do everything possible to return a joy of being healthy to everyone who needs help. That is why our patients feel great and recover fast. We are here for your – call to start a journey of healing.


Our treatment plans include best available procedures from conventional and ancient  medicine:


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