What is Integrative medicine?

There are two distinct teaching of Medicine in the world. Most commonly they are called Eastern and Western medicines. While chinese medicineDoctors from both medical systems successfully diagnose, and treat their patients, there are fundamental differences in approaches. Some doctors are taught and trained in both systems and can elect to help their patients with the best approaches from Eastern and Western medicine – integrating various techniques of diagnosis and treatment. This type of medicine has been practiced for a while, but only recently gained more recognition. In US Osteopathic Medical schools  tend to incorporate knowledge of Integrative medicine, while regular medical schools regard Eastern medicine as pseudoscience and refrain from training medical students on Chinese medicine methods.

traditional chinese medicineWestern medicine originated in Europe is younger in history of knowledge and is practiced by everyone who is licensed with a degree of Medical Doctor(MD), Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (DO), Physician Assistant(PA), or Nurse Practitioner (NP). Commonly a practitioner will base their diagnosis on history, physical exam and laboratory findings – xR, blood analysis, urine analysis and other studies such as MRI, ECG etc. The approach is targeted to specific symptoms and will address mainly the organ that patient complains about. Practitioners are trained to address either all symptoms (general internist or pediatrician), or specific systems – gastroenterologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist etc. Treatment is also more specific symptom-related, and is mainly consisting of medications (pharmacotherapy), surgery and preventive measures (such as weight control, quitting smoking or drinking).

Eastern medicine (synonyms: Naturopathic, Chinese, Alternative) is ancient in history and was traditionally a part of the healing performed for centuries in Asia – Vietnam, Korea, China, Tibet and Japan. It regards the body as a whole integral system without separation of mind-body diseases, it also reflects energy that keeps us alive as a part of assessment and treatment. Eastern energy healingmedicine uses pulse diagnosis, body energy assessment, iris changes and other body signs as primary methods of assessment, then history that is asked sometimes is more focused on events, emotions and experiences of the person rather than direct questions about infectious exposures and symptoms. The methods of treatment then are also different with a focus of brining deficiencies or excessiveness of fluids/energy back to balance. As such these methods are not invasive and do not rely on surgical interventions – herbs, acupuncture, medical massage, meditation, breathing techniques, nutritional adjustment. Traditional Eastern medicine believe is that body will correct most of the problems if the balance is corrected and inner peace is achieved.

While being completely different in understanding of body functioning and methods used for diagnostics and treatment, it is doubtfully as powerful and conventional in treating many conditions and restoring health. Modern medicine may be superior in treatment of advanced conditions that are the result of chronic issues, such as cancer treatment, open heart surgery, glaucoma surgery etc. Traditional Chinese medicine is best in preventing these severe complications, catching and eliminating early small dysfunctions that, if left unattended, lead to severe and life-threatening diseases.

More and more people in the US understand the power of health management without pills. It is scary that ‘Generally incurable and ongoing, chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of this country. projected to grow to an estimated 157 million, with 81 million having multiple conditions‘ (Chronic Diseases – National Health Council https://www.nationalhealthcouncil.org/sites/default/files/…/AboutChronicDisease.pdf).

Treatments we offer:

Herbal formulations.

chinese medicine near meDr Lou combines herbs into powerful custom formulas that are specifically designed for individual treatments. She uses a reputable distributor of organic herbs delivered from Korea. Dr. Kushnir uses formulations of European and native Americal herbs to achieve best effects in cleanse and restoration of immune function. Everyone is individual, and while herbs are in general safe, there are individual intolerances and allergies. We offer personal skin test for all herbs we offer, we also can test your herbal remedies if you energy treatmentsuspect you may be intolerant.




By ancient Tibetan and Chinese medicine belief, our body organs are interconnected through “electric wires” – meridians. Acupuncture is really just a tool that is capable of adjusting the active points and releasing the normal electric flow.

Our highly trained acupuncturists are intuitive healers who know how to work with meridians and bring the body to the best functioning. Acupuncture is a part of every restorative treatment in our office.



energy healing near meCupping. Traditional Chinese cupping is a powerful method of increasing skin blood flow. Small cups made of thick glass are attached to the skin with suction of heat. Cups are either left in place for a short time or moved in a slow motion.

This treatment can provide an immediate relief to sore muscles, increase needed flow in a bronchitis, or improve bowel work in constipation.


Massage. Medical traditional massage is a part of almost every acupuncture treatment, or it can be used by itself when indicated. This is not a “relaxation” massage popular in US, but rather a treatment technique. We can also teach you some simple methods that work miracles and you can safely perform at home. Massage is also a good modality for our patients who do not feel comfortable with needles.

traditional chinese medicine near me

Acupressure. This is a very special technique when active points are regulated with healer’s touch. Tibetan medicine uses mostly acupressure as a part of energy balancing techniques. You may see Dr Kushnir using this technique to eliminate itching, or anxiety. Patients call it “magic touch”, while there is nothing magic in this powerfull method – only knowledge of ancient medicine and experience of practicing it for years.






Hypnosis or induced meditation technique. In a way, it’s the same as Reiki treatment used in Indian traditional medicine. This is another rare talent that Dr Kushnir uses in her healing programs. She calls it “hard drive clean-up”, giving an analogy to our brain with modern computer. This treatment is never used without patient’s permission, and is not right for everyone. Please do not be disappointed if Doctor will not include it in your healing protocol – that only means that emotional energy healingyour problems can be better addressed with other methods.