Is this rash an allergic reaction?

All medications have a potential of side effects and allergic reaction. If you were given medication and developed allergy it is important to figure out if that was one of the side effects that are common or potentially life threatening reaction.

As allergic reaction to medication is unpredictable, you may be scared. That is why you need to schedule your consultation and testing at our clinic. If you had a something happened which is suspicious of true allergy to the drug it is not wise to guess. Only an Allergist who is experienced with drug reactions can give you answers.

Can I just get a test?

You will need an initial consultation. That will be the time to discuss all concerns and history. So do not forget to bring all medical records and labs (if they were done). If you do not have it – don’t worry. Simply fill out a medical release form and give us names of the doctors who treated you. We will get your records on your behalf.

After the Doctor makes a decision about testing we will help you to schedule a test day. We will make every attempt to safely figure out what exactly happened, and what to do about it.

Is there an allergy to lidocaine?

Not really. Drugs like lidocaine have side effects that may look like allergy, but is not. While symptoms might look allergic, the true mechanism is different. Usually problems come from other components of lidocain – epi or preservatives. As lidocaine reactions frequently happen we offer a test to figure our which of other substitutes can be safely used instead of the one that caused symptoms.

What if I desperately need that medication?

As we know certain medications are crucial and cannot be substituted. While allergic reaction to such meds is a serious concern, don’t worry! Indeed modern desensitization protocols can rescue the situation. So that treatment will allow you to take a desperately needed medication! After that you can have an antibiotic or aspirin product without allergic reaction! Such protocols can be done only in the hospital under an Allergist care.