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Dentist perform many procedures to fix your teeth and make your smile beautiful. So They use special materials to make dental bridges, dental braces and tooth filling. Also there are medications to make these procedures pain-free. These are topical numbing medications such as lidocaine and other anesthetic topical preparations. Please read drug allergy testing

What are the symptoms of contact allergy to dental materials?

  1. Swelling and redness of the gums, tongue and lips
  2. Painful ulcers on the inside of the gums that touch braces or implants
  3. Increased production of saliva
  4. Sore throat and swollen neck lymph nodes
  5. Rashes on the face and all over body that appeared after implant of brace was installed
  6. Overall feeling sick and achy without symptoms of cold or flu.

While the procedure itself is necessary, sometimes you may have an allergic reaction to medication or material used. And you and your dentist have no idea what caused it. Also you may have a previous history of anesthetic sensitivity or contact allergy. That may make you nervous of future dental problems. But don”t worry – we can help!

We evaluate and diagnose allergy to dental materials and medications. Then we make suggestions on what can be used instead. Now you can safely go to your dentist, and get necessary procedures done safely and pain-free!

We work with many dental clinics to give our patients best options and solutions. We offer custom and pre-ordered patch test for contact sensitivity

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Disclaimer: Information is intended strictly for educational purposes and is not to be used for self-treatment or diagnostics. All descriptions are derived from common knowledge sources such as Wikipedia, Herbology textbooks and other open medical sources of herbal medicine.