allergy solutionsAllergy is really not a disease (in traditional meaning of the ‘disease’).

This is a syndrome of the abnormal reactivity of immune system to normal protein. In other words, immune system develops wrong recognition of normal airborne protein (cat hair, grass pollen, dust mite etc.) as an enemy of the body.

As the function of immune system is to protect you from any intruder, it now will start the war every time that protein enters or touches your body. In a way, your immune system is trying to save your from an “attack” of these proteins, only in a wrong way.

Why does it start happening? Why is everybody suffering from allergies now?

Modern world provides us with convenience of synthetic cheap clothes, furniture, fast household washing products, affordable fooddog allergy treatment

made with fillers and preservatives… these are unfortunately significant immune toxins and are capable of infuriating immune cells to the point of uncontrollable reactions. In addition people depend on antibiotics and prescription pills – these ruin the internal metabolism and clog up the liver – the most important detox organ. Uncontrolled production of supplements that can contain really toxic ingredients finish up the self-destruction.

That is why most of the time the allergy to the airborne and food allergens starts in people who develop hyperactive immune system, or in young children that are exposed to environmental pollution and toxins.


Can allergy be eliminated without medications?

Sure. There are very effective and safe treatments.


It really does work. This it totally biological natural non-GMO treatment that restores your normal health. As a matter of fact the whole family can be treated – kids and parents. We make your individual pet allergy treatmentformula to treat the exact allergies you have. So you can live happy life and not depend on medications. Yes – all the sneezes and cough can be gone. If you don’t believe it – schedule a consultation and see it for yourself!

Even more – we offer no-needle Do It at Home treatment that is very popular in Europe. Only few allergist in the United States offer that.

We treat patient in all States, Australia and Israel. As you can see even if you move we will be able to ship it to you.

Read more about best allergy treatment – SLIT

Ask us about immediate relief and long-term solutions. We do not recommend giving away pets as these are the best companions and cat allergy treatmentfriends!

Instead we provide solutions for all ages, and consultations for pregnant and expecting parents on how to assure the baby will have least chances of developing allergies.

Control of the living (indoor) environment. Our knowledgeable staff will teach you about most important and cost-effective techniques of the allergen elimination

pet allergy testing

– Pet dander control
– Dust mite control
– Mold and dampness elimination
– Pollution control and healthy building materials selection




Natural balancing of the immune system:

pet allergy testing near meHerbal prescriptions – many herbs safely ballance immune cells and restore the function
Acupuncture and acupressure – “tuning of the whole body” works great and eliminates allergy symptoms without the need of antihistamines. It restores sleep and gets rid of headaches
Diet modification, sports – it is all about body energy and metabolism
Natural supplements – minerals, fatty accids and omega naturally calm down inflammation
Energy treatment – wrong energy or imbalance can create many problems in your body. Restoring inner energy and balancing hot and cold “spots” helps with symptoms of the allergy and stops unwanted symptoms.