We do accept all major insurance plans

Please call your personal insurance plan to see if we are listed as “in network” or “out of network” – your co-pays and out of pocket prices may vary dependent on your plan determination. When you come we may be able to access your insurance policy on line to see your current deductible and coverage.


We accept all Medicare plans. Our staff will provide you with all medical procedures and treatment options necessary for you to get better.  It is your responsibility to check with secondary insurance if your visit is covered prior to seeing the doctor. You personal insurance plan may have certain limitations or restrictions.

Our Offers to Cash Patients:


Free pulmonary test and 10 pricks with initial consultation.


Every family member of our patient receives 20% discount.


50% discount for seasonal allergy consultation.


$50 credit toward in-office shots, ALL-visits-inclusive plans available.

*Offers apply to cash payments only. Offers cannot be combined.

Our Fees

We offer inclusive discounted plans and Pay-per-service:

  The inclusive plans are designed for patients having chronic issues that involve multiple tests, procedures and visits.

  Pay-per-service can be used for the services not covered by inclusive plans or as single appointment payments. All services (including Doctor’s time) will be provided only upon your full agreement with treatment contract obligations after Doctor determines what is necessary for you during the appointment.

  We do not charge for laboratory tests – billing will be done by the laboratory, please check with your insurance your benefits for laboratory tests.

We accept every insurance plan as In- or Out-of-network providers. Please check your coverage before the appointment.
If we do not have verification of your coverage at the time of the appointment you will be considered a cash patient (later you may be reimbursed by insurance).


Cash price for your office visit and procedures will be presented to you in a treatment agreement, and will be payable at the time of the visit. No hidden fees. Multiple discounts available!


You can use Flexible Spending Account to pay for all services provided in our office – we also accept debit cards or can provide you with a receipt and explanation of services for reimbursement.


A medical credit card is available for you to pay for the services – exceptional promotional rate and very easy to be approved for.


As a courtesy we will generate and print an insurance claim form, which you will have to mail to your insurance company to receive reimbursement – the check will be sent to you directly from your insurance provider.

We accept cash and all major credit cards.