Meet Our Wellness specialist

Athletic trainerWellness specialist is an integrative professional with the deep knowledge of body function.

Wellness is the main focus of interest of our team member Natalia Marakhtanova. She believes that health is a great gift that must be constantly worked on to last long. Indeed, our wellness specialist is equipped with unlimited tools to make the body work correctly. She will help you look younger and feel stronger.

Research confirms that just few more steps a day gives you so many more years to live. Natasha will help you with a good schedule of exercise. And having personal plan of improvement will give you a path to success.


Natalia has a lifelong love of sports and wellness. She received her education at top European sport academy – Russian State University of Physical Education and Sport (Moscow).

Natalia has studied all aspects of physical training, and has extensive hands on experience in the field. She gets great satisfaction when working with motivated individuals. As a matter of fact, it does not matter if someone have never tried sports before or a professional athlete. She believes everyone can succeed, she encourages self-discipline and dedication to training.

Over 20 years she has been working in Sports Strength and Conditioning Field. She also has high performance athletic and competitive experience as a standout in the sport of Biathlon.

Natalia’s Passion is to see people getting stronger, healthier and reaching the best of their potential. She has a firm believe that exercise and sport in general is a part of living healthy long life and raised self-esteem.


Wellness specialist is an integrative professional who also shows you a personal example. She has unbelievable energy and dedication to healthy lifestyle herself, and she is capable of transferring that power to people she works with. So, she enjoys helping people who need to recover from injuries or illnesses, who wish to get back in shape and who just want to be more fit.


Natalia believes that it is a job of a fitness trainer to find personalized program. That means everyone is different. Natalia works with each individual to minimize the common overuse and over-training injuries. She supports an integrative approach – diet, mind healing and sports.


Wellness specialist is an integrative professional who always improves and learns.

During her career she became interested in every aspect of natural wellness. She continuously incorporates new methods of skin and body rejuvenation into her practice. She recently mastered a new technique of kinesio taping allowing patients with injuries to recover faster and exercise better.


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Master Degree in Sports Performance
Certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
The International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA) Tennis Performance Specialist
Fascial Movement Taping: Level 1&2 Certified ROCKTAPE Provider

Programs offered (kids and adults):


Injury recovery program – 3-12 weeks


Body shaping – 3 weeks – 12 month


Athletic endurance – 6 weeks- 12 month

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