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I am what I eat

One of the most difficult tasks for anyone is to change things we eat… Personally, I have much better luck influencing bad habits then making any adjustments to the diet. I truly believe our food taste comes in a “character package” and is a part of our personality. Even kids who grow in one family will develop completely different likes and dislikes.

Every person is unique – our genome has a remarkable variability which makes us look, behave and live in a completely unique way. The ancient say “We are what we eat” must not be disregarded, and should be taken into account when diet needs to be changed for a medical or lifestyle reason. That is why one of the most difficult tasks of a medical team is to find the right diet for someone diagnosed with food allergies and sensitivities.


I want to be on a best diet

I do not believe that there is one cure for all, or one diet that is the best. There is plenty of books and websites telling you which foods are “good for you”. There are “trending” diets, “histamine” diets, cleansing diets, “raw” diets … Yet every I see a victim of a “good intention” who presents with various symptoms actually caused by the “healthy diet”. People get surprised by that: “But why??? I was trying to eat raw food to fix my high cholesterol!”

Best food is what is right for you

Only knowledge of human physiology can give precise answer to what you should eat. Here I will try to summarize it and make it simple.

Digestive system is programmed by your genetics. There is a good evidence that our genetic setup will dictate which foods and diets are the healthiest for a particular individual. Human digestive system is a perfect machinery that is capable of breaking down a variety of proteins, fats and carbs that come packaged in foods created by nature. Not everything that grows on Earth is food – that is accepted by everyone.

Not everything that is food for some species will be a food for another species. The main reason why cows should not be fed with meat and rabbits should not be fed with eggs is simple – they lack particular enzymes that will make those proteins digestible.

As result, the feed will be broken into substances that are toxic and will poison the animal. It is known that humans due to genetic variations may have inability to digest certain sugars, fats, and proteins. Many of these defects become known immediately as the baby starts eating new foods (such as galactosemia, milk protein enteropathy, lactose intolerance, celiac disease), others may not present until later in life (IBS, Chron’s, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance).

chronic-diseasesMost of food intolerances are genetic and are traceable through many generations: “My father always suffered from bloating and diarrhea, my grandpa could eat only few foods and had many surgeries related to intestines”.


A true successful healing nutrition will unite all: food that you like, foods that are good for you, and foods that your body accepts.

Eating right will make you feel right, will give you right energy and build your self-confidence. We help thousands of people to feel young and strong everyday – we can help you find your right fuel!

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