What is natural cosmetic skin treatments? Natural means no surgery is used. Cosmetic treatment is any procedure that is used to beautify the look. Every natural opportunity to improve your look without surgery qualify for a natural cosmetic skin treatment.

 Who does not want to look forever young? And the face is the part of our body everyone uses to estimate the age. What a disaster when the wrinkles strike! I still remember my tears when the first faint line appeared under the eyes.

For as long as humans exist there were methods that women used to trick the Aging with the Nature’s offerings, and maintain beauty and radiant skin. The most ancient methods are herbal compresses, massage and facial exercise.

Nowadays the advancement of science offers other methods that give instant results (with the higher price of cause):

  1. Chemical peels and dermabrasion
  2. Laser skin refining
  3. Face shaping plastic surgery
  4. Botox injections
  5. Fat transplant and injections

Indeed, these procedures are popular. These are widely offered by the medical spas, plastic surgery centers and dermatology clinics. Both men and women use surgical and semi-surgical procedures to improve the look and delay aging process. But there are downsides to these. As any surgery, there is a chance of things going wrong… and sometimes there is nothing else to do but to hate that day you signed up for something your friend recommended!

For example, too many repeated injections may cause tiny nerve fibers to die off. As a result, the skin will not move naturally anymore.

Well, what if you are not ready for the drastic alterations yet, or just do not have the guts for the ‘knife’? Here we will discuss non-invasive safe methods that can achieve similar or even better results.


Natural cosmetic skin treatment is based on herbs minerals. In our Institute we provide individual recommendations for the cream and herbal tea treatment formulas that take into account personal skin quality, health conditions and sensitivity. We also perform simple allergy testing to avoid allergic reactions and find the best fit. There are thousands of herbs and plants that can be used to rejuvenate skin. Only a trained herbologist knows how to create formulas that actually work!

Here are couple of examples of natural herbal skin treatments:

  1. Herbal facial wash and cleanse. In fact, you can make them at home! Natural extracts of many plants have an amazing ability of rejuvenating skin. Herbs are capable of healing and nurturing dermal layers making cells stronger and shinier. As a result you can look younger every day, not just for a short time following surgery! There are no side effects and hidden costs – herbs are easy to brew and the whole year treatments will cost you of average $500 (we recommend Organic herbs that come for a slightly higher price).
  2. Herbal homemade creams. These do not last long, as the best power of the fresh plant can only last 3-5 days. Natural oils and Aloe Vera provide the lasting feed of skin layers where the stem cells reside. Scientific studies link the aging process with the ability of the stem cells to divide – the older you get the slower stem cells will generate and new skin cell leading to the wear-off of the layers of the skin. Another advantage of the home cream preparation – you can avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives that are used in all commercial creams.


Medical massage is also a type of natural cosmetic skin treatments. Why? It helps muscles relax. As wrinkles are created by overuse of muscles, when massage is done correctly it will cause skin to soften. The result – perfectly smooth wrinkle-free skin and younger look. An experienced professional can achieve unbelievable results without the need of the surgery! When massage is done with the use of treatment oils and natural creams it also nourishes the skin and improves elasticity.


What is body taping? Taping is becoming one of the popular methods of improving body without surgical interventions.  In a way, this is an extended massage, resembling the lymphatic drainage technique. The elastic tape, when attached to the skin, starts stretching the upper layers. That causes the tiny lymph vessels to open and drain the fluids better. As a result, the toxins can be washed away, the cells get better nutrition, and the swelling of the tissues goes away. Such healing effects were studied and described in the medical literature.

For example, scientists found great benefits of the kinesio tape application following facial surgical and dental procedures. Also, they confirmed that patients had less pain and faster recovery with facial taping.[1]

Another study published in American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation demonstrates that Kinesio taping greatly improved walking tasks, pain, and knee range of motion in patients with knee osteoarthritis.[2]


Taping is used widely in sport medicine, as it is found to improve recovery after high-impact training and completions, facilitate muscle regeneration and help restore joints. Kinesio tape improves blood flow and can reduce swelling almost instantly. Many sport performers already know about magic powers of this method. You should find out how this treatment can give you ability to move free without pain.


Yet the most miraculous use of taping is defying age treatments. Here is what a little piece of tape and skillful hands can do:

  1. Eliminate wrinkles
  2. Erase dark circles and bags under eyes
  3. Lift the upper eyelid
  4. Reduce or remove second chin
  5. Straighten the neck
  6. Help with TMJ


How’s is facial taping done? The treatment itself is simple and pain-free. The application of tape is done on the skin after the healing and stimulating massage of the facial muscles and skin. The tention created by the tape re-trains all layers and eliminates annoying wrinkles with time.


Generally 5-10 sessions will rewind the life clock 5-10 years back! These treatments do not need to repeat all the time. After initial face lift course you will be instructed how to maintain younger look with simple home care and light exercise.

You can come back as soon as you need, or ask recommendations from our team.

Looking young and beautiful is an art and a hard work – we will help you to succeed and save your money!







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