Our clinic is managed and lead by an amazing person – Dmitriy Sukhov. He is the one who is making sure your all the supplies are ordered, all computers are working, all lights and heater is working,  and all our equipment is operational. Here is few facts about him:

  • Billing specialist and patient’s liaison
  • Start-up developer and small business management expert
  • Launched image satellite QuickBird for GoogleEarth (yes – the one shooting images for Google Earth!)
  • Worked as NASA scientist and international satellite launch campaign lead in Washington DC
  • Built systems for space rockets, as he is a rocket scientist

It is impossible to do everything he does and stay on top of it. We all so grateful for smooth operations, and his calm and humorous demeanor!

If you have any questions about the balance or third party payer (medical insurance), please do not hesitate to contact him through our main number.