How do you test for diseases?

testsWe use only necessary tests

We believe that each and every patient is unique and deserves individualized approach. In Europe doctors use tests to confirm diagnosis, not to guess one. While there are situations when test are necessary, functional assessment is still a canon of clinical diagnosis.

That is why our practitioners and medical staff listens to your history and pays attention to every detail on medical exam. Only then doctor decides on tests. It happens that sometimes doctors in our Institute just know what’s the diagnosis – and then no tests are needed!

We use many Chinese Medicine functional tests

  1. Energy balancing
  2. Skin rebound test
  3. Iris diagnostics and pulse diagnostics

As you would guess ancient medicine did not have MRI or Elisa blood tests. Yet the clinical diagnostics was superb. Unfortunately only few gifted practitioners carry on with these skills.

So our patients get shocked. How come doctor simply tells them everything about their diseases without seeing any test results? We hear a lot: “oh my god! How could you know? Yes that is exactly what X-ray showed…”

We combine best tests from traditional and alternative medicines.

When needed we have  safe and non-invasive techniques and tests. That allows our patients to identify specific food allergies and protein intolerance. We use food patch testing and direct prick methods.

There are multiple ways food and environment can cause problems – small immune proteins that circulate in blood and can be tested with pricks or in blood. We contract with special laboratories that test for heavy metals, metabolism, hormones, food IgG panels, gut probiotics and fungal testing, digestive panels for food intolerance etc.

Testing to diagnose asthma and lung problems includes but not limited to pulmonary function pfttesting, exercise challenge and other endurance measurement techniques.

We also specialize in stress-related speech/breathing problems (Vocal Cord Dysfunction) and upper airway diagnostics.

If you are scheduled to have a specific test during appointment please check your test info below for instructions.